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Welcome to Little Haven Mini's! 

We are located in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand.  We are currently breeding Jersey Woollies, Cashmere Mini Lops, Mini Lops, and a small project of Netherland Dwarf's. Concentrating on breeding bunnies with quality type, gorgeous colouring and fantastic, friendly personalities. 

We hope you enjoy looking around our site, and are proud to present to you some of our beautiful bunnies!  







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What we are working with:

Our aim is to breed quality typed rabbits, within the following colours*:
~ Jersey Woollies.
    - Working on the Broken Pattern 
~ Cashmere Mini Lops
    - Working on the Butterfly Pattern
~ Mini Lops
    - Working on the Butterfly Pattern.
~ Netherland Dwarfs
     - Working on Sable colours. 
*Other colours will be available, however the above are our main focus.
Colours that should pop up are:
~ Jersey Woollies - Black, Blue, Sable, Smoke Pearl, REW, (With the odd litter of Black and Blue otter)
~Cashmere Mini Lops - Sooty Fawn, Black, Blue, Seal Point, Harlequin, Magpie.
~Mini Lops - Sooty Fawn, Black, Blue, REW, Seal Point. 
~ Netherland Dwarfs - REW, Black, Himilayan.